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An innovative treatment, Restylane® SkinBoosters™ have been designed to deliver deep skin hydration and lasting improvements to overall quality of the skin.

The treatment involves a series of hydrating microinjections of long lasting hyaluronic acid, also called HA. Water-loving HA is found naturally in the body where it maintains hydration in the skin, but as we age our natural levels decrease. Injecting HA brings deep skin hydration to the treated areas, giving them improved firmness, elasticity and smoothness. This manifests outwardly as a healthy radiant glow.

SkinBoosters™ can be used for men and women of all skin types, on the face, neck, hands and décolletage. The treatment is also ideal for those who have concerns about their skin structure – for example, where there are issues with acne-scarring or skin damage.

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Delivers deep hydration to your skin
  • Improves skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness
  • Results in a healthy, radiant glow

How does the treatment work?

It uses micro injections of HA that wake up and stimulate the fibroblasts, to increase production of the skin’s natural moisturisers. This in turn increases cell turn over, which adds a lasting effect to treatment. The addition of Hyaluronic Acid acts as a plumping and firming agent, giving the skin a more youthful appearance.

What happens during the treatment?

Each client attends an initial consultation to ensure the treatment is appropriate for your concerns. During the consultation details of your medical history and medication will be discussed, immuno-diseases, allergies, previous aesthetic treatments.

A local anaesthetic cream will be applied. The practitioner will administer a series of tiny, fine-needle injections into the mid to deep dermis (the underlying layer of the skin.) These microinjections will focus on your areas of concern. During the procedure, some clients may experience discomfort.

What can I expect immediately after a SkinBoosters™ treatment?

You should expect that there may be some minor bruising and swelling around the treatment areas for a day or two afterwards. Your practitioner may recommend a clean cooling pad to help reduce swelling. After a rest of about 24 hours, if needed, you can use light make-up to cover any redness or bruising. Avoid excessive sun or extreme cold at least until any initial swelling/ redness resolves.

How often will I need treatment?

As we age our fibroblasts within the skin are less able to produce the skins own natural elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, so for the best results the treatment consists of an initial course of 3-6 treatments, undertaken 4 weeks apart. The number of treatments for the initial course will be discussed during the initial client consultation.

In order to maintain results, it’s best to have regular maintenance sessions, approximately every 6 months.

“I couldn't of asked for anymore from the team at Grampian”

Benefits of SkinBoosters™ at Clinetix Grampian

  • Performed by our highly trained and experienced medical professionals, you can rely on our expertise for optimal results
  • Regulated by Health Improvement Scotland, our treatments are delivered to the highest standard in a safe and welcoming environment
  • A no-obligation client consultation is carried out first, to ensure this treatment is right for you and to answer any questions you may have
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