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Carboxy Therapy

See dramatic improvements to problems such as stretch marks and cellulite

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Problem areas such as stretch marks, dark circles under your eyes, cellulite and loose skin can all have a major impact on your confidence. Rioblush® Carboxy Therapy - sometimes known as the ‘miracle gas injection’ - is a safe, minimally invasive and all-natural procedure that can give noticeable improvements to your skin texture, contour and firmness.

Carboxy Therapy is used to naturally treat stretch marks, scars, puffy eyes, dark circles under the eyes and skin tightening to the face. We can safely treat areas such as the jowls, lines around the eyes, nose and mouth using this innovative technology.

Carboxy Therapy can also be used to treat localised deposits of fat in the chin, arms, knees, abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back and hip areas.

  • Improve the appearance of stretch marks or cellulite
  • Positively transform your skin texture, contour and firmness
  • Safe, minimally invasive and natural
  • Rejuvenate the appearance of your skin and improve elasticity

You can see more about this unique treatment from our registered nurse, just click here.

How does Carboxy Therapy work?

The introduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the dermis results in vasodilation (the dilation of your blood vessels), as the body attempts to correct what is considers an imbalance in the O2/CO2 balance. The increased blood flow creates a surge of oxygen and nutrients, which fosters cell and collagen restoration and reduction of localised fat. Recent studies suggest that CO2 introduction also stimulates localised production of venous growth factor (VFG), which leads to a long-term improvement in blood flow and tissue quality.

What happens during the treatment?

During your treatment, we will apply a numbing gel and use a micro needle to inject CO2 under your skin. The CO2 dilates the blood vessels, improving the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin. This improved circulation helps to eliminate the build-up of fluid between cells.

We can inject the CO2 at more superficial levels to increase your circulation. This results in skin rejuvenation, tissue remodelling and improved skin elasticity. By injecting at deeper levels into the fatty tissue, the procedure damages and kills fat cells. The result is thicker, firmer subcutaneous tissue with better texture and fewer fat cells.

Your treatment will take from 15 minutes to over an hour depending on the size of the areas and type of condition being treated.

When will I see results?

Most people see some improvement to their skin after the first treatment, although it usually takes up to one month for the body to properly react to the process. More pronounced and long-lasting results are observed after four to twelve treatments, by which time the skin will show clear signs of healthy rejuvenation.

How often can I have it done?

The number of treatments you need will vary depending on the area being treated. Eyelid tightening, for example, takes four to six treatments, while tackling stretch marks may take ten to twelve treatments. We will define and explain your treatment plan during your initial consultation.

The effects of Rioblush® Carboxy Therapy can be very long-lasting, although, of course, we cannot stop the ageing process. You may, therefore, need regular maintenance treatments to extend the benefits of your treatment.

“My treatments have really boosted my confidence”

Benefits of Carboxy Therapy at Grampian Cosmetic Clinic

  • We are highly skilled in using this cutting-edge technology
  • Our skilled Aesthetic Laser Technicians are State Registered Nurses with extensive experience
  • Our clinic offers a warm, welcoming environment to relax and enjoy your treatment
  • We can achieve dramatic, life-changing results
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